GetMX Domain-Email

Input Your Domain, Start Custom Domain-Email.

Newbie Tutorial


step 1

Sign in and login to GetMX


step 2

Add domain, select server region


step 3

Cannot DNS, or you can contact us to configure remotely via Teamviewer

GetMX Random-Email

Random-Email can protect your privacy, Can be used permanently, You can login Random-Email dashbord.

Email servers all over the world, faster receipt

One-click switch server regions

Multi-regional service support, faster receipt

Can't choose? one-click, and the server regions can be dynamically scheduled

Worldwide servers support

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Create alias, more convenient to use

Create Alias rules for all staff

Catch all sub-Email by Admin-EMail

Remark Alias, Intuitive features

All the Sub-Email received will be recorded, and you can remark it.

Permission access control

Convenient, one-click login in dashbord

Create sub-emailboxes, passwords are independent and do not affect each other

Everyone can set independent Aliases rules

The operation of all staff is recorded

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